104 Red Banks rd, Greenville, nc 27858
See you on the ice!

Admission Price:
Public Skating - $8
Skate Rental - $2

Public Skating (5 and under), includes skates - $5
Freestyle - $8
Stick & Puck - $9
Pick-Up Hockey - $10

Happy New Year from your friends at


C-League for Wednesday, January 17th has been cancelled due to the weather!

Now Registering for:
~Winter/Spring 2018 Adult B & C Hockey Leagues
~Winter Youth Hockey League
~Winter 2018 Learn To Skate Classes

Upcoming ECU Home Hockey Games:
ECU Hockey vs. Coastal Carolina
Friday, January 26th at 9:45pm &
Saturday, January 27th at 5:45pm

  Winter 2018 Learn To Skate Session begin:
-Monday, January 8th
-Saturday, January 6th

Friday Nights from 7-9:30pm
  2 1/2 hours of skating (includes skate rental) - just $7!!

~This Week's Schedule~

Monday, January 15th:
1:15-5:15pm  Public Skate
5:30-6:30pm  Learn To Skate - Week 2 of 7
6:45-8pm  B-League Hockey - Week 2 of 16

Tuesday, January 16th:
7:15-8:15pm  ECU Figure Skating
8:15-9:30pm  ECU Hockey

Wednesday, January 17th:
3:15-5:15pm  Public Skate
5:15-6:15pm  Freestyle
6:30-7:45pm  C-League - Cancelled
8-9:15pm  C-League - Cancelled

Thursday, January 18th:
6-7pm  CIZ Youth Hockey
7:15-8:15pm  ECU Figure Skating
8:15-9:30pm  ECU Hockey

Friday, January 19th:
3:15-5:15pm  Public Skate
5:15-6:45pm  Stick & Puck Hockey
7-9:30pm  Public Skate  *$7 CheapSkates

Saturday, January 20th:
12-1pm  Learn To Skate Week 3 of 7
1-3pm  Public Skate
3:30-5:30pm  Public Skate
5:45-7:15pm  Stick & Puck Hockey
7:30-9:30pm  Public Skate

Sunday, January 21st:
1:15-2pm  Learn To Play Hockey Week 3 of 7
2-3pm  CIZ Youth Hockey
3-5pm  Public Skate

Monday, January 22nd:
3:15-5:15pm Public Skate
5:30-6:30pm  Learn To Skate (week 3 of 7)
6:45-8pm  B-League Hockey

See You On The ICE....
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